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Rising above the rest, one film at a time. 

My first love is my wife and theme parks, but my passion is using cinematography to tell stories. With Orlando Sunrise Films, I would love the opportunity to tell your story through our creative lens.

We love providing service all around Central Florida, but we are happy to travel anywhere around the world to bring your story to life.

Kim and I getting married in Pine, CO on 09.03.21


Hello! I'm E.J. Let's talk about me!

Besides my dog(Steve Jobs..yep, that's his name), my wife and of course, theme parks(All of them, we have too many passes), I love to bring people's stories to life on film. Cinematography has been a passion of mine since I made my friend a "Dating Video Profile" in the 9th grade (not joking, he did very well with it). I grew up a Southern California kid and moved to Orlando in 2006 for work. I worked for Disney for 18 years of my life, and yes, I have done everything there, and I might know your friend. 


I specialize in weddings, real estate, corporate and aerial drone shots. I love helping people shoot for their corporate goals, help people find their dream home and my personal favorite, filming a couple's happily ever after.

Let's chat and make some magic happen!


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